scent and delicacies

gourmet salty flavor


 Cold hors d''oeuvres

 . Apple curry, orange segments, smoked duck, peppers chutney.
 . Tapenade.
 . Tomato and basil foam.

. Roquefort cheese mousse with smoked duck.
Shot glasses:
 . Seasonal gazpacho.
 . beetroot puree with raspberries and Herring cream.
Tasting spoons.

. Carpaccio of fresh market sourced marinated fish.

. Aubergine caviar with preserved tomato.

. Salomon and scallop tartare.

. Goats cheese and preserved tomato.

. Carpaccio of salmon bass, preserved courgettes marinated with spice..


Hot options.

. Scallops with coral cream.

. Quails egg with preserved Pepper.

. Brioche with foie gras.

. Disc of cereal bread with foie gras.

. Oysters in pastry.




hot party

.Noix St Jacques coral cream.

. Confit of peppers capers and quail egg.

. Laminated oysters.

. Puff snails.

. Laminated sweetbreads.

. Briochine foie gras.

sweet flavor and aroma



Mini desserts.

. Lemon tart with italian meringue.

. Mini fruit cake.

. Smalll shortbread biscuit.

. Mini tart tatin.

. Mini fondant au chocolate.